Terms of Service

Through this website the Company provides a large range of constant services that consists of added value features for the downloading of third party programs.

In order to offer correct services and be always updated, the downloading availability and facilitation of the different services is reviewed on a daily basis.
During the download process the Company runs an antivirus analysis on the program to protect the user against possible threats.

During the installation new and different toolbars and offers are offered which could be of an interest to the users. The user can decide to install or not by accepting or declining the offer.

The Company offers customer support service available on the website for all users that want to send any request, recommendation or complaint.

The third party programs listed on this website are freeware, shareware or demo versions publically distributed free of charge by their authors. The programs are downloaded from the website of the author in question. The contracting of the services provided on this website by the Company does not involve, in any case, payment for the purchase, use or licence of the downloaded program.

1. User Obligations

The user agrees not to use the website and its content for anything else that’s not related to the law by using this website. Moreover, the user will not take any action that may damage the site and its content or compromise the security of the website. In the case of being under 18, the user must have his parent or guardian’s permission before using the website or download content from it. The user will not use any automated or manual process in order to attempt to interfere with the content. The user is responsible of installing on its computer an appropriate antivirus software.

2. Disclaimer

Even though the Company carries out constant checking of the availability, functionality and daily antivirus checks for known viruses, the Company cannot guarantee the full land total absence of a virus, in accordance with the state of the technology.

The Company neither takes responsibility for third party programs the user may download, including toolbars and offers that have also been developed by third parties.

Users shall decide beforehand as to the suitability of the program or toolbar that they wish to download and install, as well as to their agreement with the corresponding terms and conditions of the licence to which these may be subject. The Company doesn’t guarantee, express or imply that any part of the content provided will meet the needs of the user.

3. General

The Company can check and make any kind of changes on this Terms of use & privacy policy webpage. The terms and conditions that apply to the services provided to the user shall be those that are published at the time of the user of service.

These terms and conditions are always applied according to the European Legislation. The user cannot withdraw from the contracting, as long as the service is provided immediately after being contracted with the user’s consent.

The contracting shall be done in the language selected by the user from those available on the website. There may be copies of these terms and conditions in several languages; users can make their requests through the support form.

The contents of this website are protected by the intellectual and industrial rights of the Company and/or those of third parties. In no case whatsoever shall the user delete, alter, avoid or manipulate any protection device or security system that may be installed on this website.